Thursday, December 1, 2011

Merry Christmas My Darlings

Peace on Earth


Merry Christmas my darlings
They heard their Grandma say
What in the world is going on here
Is this really Christmas day

Do you know what really happened
A long long time ago
How a little babe was born
In a land that has no snow

A great star shown above him
To give the world light
And wise men offered presents
To the babe born that night

I heard his name was Jesus
And in a manger he lay
There were animals all around him
And angels kneeled to pray

Heaven was filled with singing
From a chorus up above
As God presented to the world
A token of his love

You can learn about this Jesus
In your Bible every day
And even more important
He will be there when you pray

D. Rennich           I.M.Forever        11-2001

Written for my grandchildren in 2001

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