Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Gods

Life is full of little changes
When they happen, they re-arrange us
We don’t have a lot to say
That’s how it is, it’s just that way

We fool ourselves, thinking we have control
Then life takes over and away we go
This way or that way, no one can know
Tossed by the winds to and fro

Just like the dust driven by a breeze
Crushed and bruised dropped to our knees
Begging for help and a place of refuge
There is no answer, it is no use

We are but trinkets in a little game
We did not ask to come here and we’re sorry we came
Pawns on a chess board, trophies to play for
Lost in this fantasy, misery for ever more

Just when you think it is done, I am through
A toss of the dice, a beginning a new
They are eternal players
And the play thing, Is You!

D. Rennich          I.M.Forever             12-04-1992