Friday, September 18, 2015

Over the Hill and where? To Grandmothers House We Go

It’s early in the morning, Grandma arrives today
We get to go to Grandma’s house a long car ride away
We wonder what we’ll do there, we wonder what we’ll play
We like to go with Grandma, we think we want to stay

She finally arrived at our house, it took a long, long time
We thought that maybe she got lost, but that’s later in this rhyme
We loaded all of our things, our back packs and our toys
It’s just us girls, Aunt Becki and Grandma, there is no room for boys

We kind of wish that Charles, would come along for fun
We would hunt him down and lock him up by using a squirt gun
We like his magic tricks and stuff and he’s really a good sport
But finally he tricks one of us, and escapes the all girl fort

Well on to our adventure, it starts out with a hug
We’re on our way, about a mile and Grandma says, real smug
I hope you know the way guys, this way is new to me
Does anyone know which way to go, I’d like us there by three

The car was filled with chatter about the trip ahead
Where are we going, what will we do and Grandma, are we there yet
Are we there yet, are you crazy, we haven’t gone ten miles
Grandma are we there yet, and then three impish smiles

We laughed and joked and sang some songs and had a few spats
We played with toys, talked about boys and wore funny little hats
Grandma’s a good driver the best you’ll ever get
She said, hang on to your hats, we’ll be there soon, this car’s just like a jet

We zoomed along the river and finally came to rest
In a small town called Davenport, their milkshakes were the best
Now onto better places, Odessa should be next
But this is the place, in this rhyme, our journey gets a hex

Ha, ha, what a lark, Grandma missed her turn
And instead of the town Odessa, another name we learn
What do you mean Wilbur ahead, that’s not the way we go
Whew! There is another way around, the road signs says it’s so

So on we go to Odessa, hey I think we said that once before
Wow, people live out here? They must be nuts, there’s not even a store
There’s no Wally World, no K-Mart, no Penny’s nothing here at all
Oh my God, I think we’re lost, THERE’S NOT EVEN A MALL!!!

We drive and drive and soon we see a sight that gives us a real scare
We should have guessed, when we started this trip, this could be a nightmare
Is that a tornado, moving fast and heading at us for real
Is this Kansas, where is Toto, that’s Dorothy at the wheel!!!

Whew, just a little dust devil Grandma Dorothy said
There were many twisting dust devils in the miles ahead
We watched them roll across the ground, and lift into the sky
They were awesome, large or small, they really made things fly

After we got to Grandma’s we took a cool refreshing swim
We ate some dinner, watched some movies and really settled in
The next few days were loads of fun, shopping, swimming and out to lunch
We even met our Great Grandmother, we confused her, a bunch

She wanted to know our names and where do we belong
This is Jessie, Sam and Vicki and Dani stayed at home
And who did you say your father is, asked our Great Grandmother
I hope you bring Dani next time, I would like to meet your little brother

It was great fun and we hope next year to do it all again
We don’t know how, we don’t know where, we don’t even know when
But we do know that Grandma has just as much fun as we do
And every summer we’ll do it again, something fun and something new

D Rennich                 I.M.Forever