Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Summer Kiss

The raindrops of summer
Are full of surprise
For in them are flowers
And rainbows in disguise

They’re fresh and inviting
Often warm and never cold
Full of fairies and unicorns
And pots filled with gold

They tap on your window
And hide on the sill
You can watch them do cart wheels
If you sit very still

They’re like little court jesters
Always clowning around
First splat on your nose
Then splat on the ground

They’re a kiss from the heavens
A gift from above
A message of gentleness
From the Creator of Love

D. Rennich                  I.M.Forever     12-28-1994

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Season of Hope

Sunshine and beauty arise in my soul
Love is a gift found within
Oh what a wonder, the world’s all aglow
Now it is spring time again

Gone is the cold of a brisk winters day
Gone is the ice and the snow
Now in it’s place are children at play
And willows and flowers that grow

Oh what a wonder the world in new growth
Oh what a wonder the sun
Souls are uplifted, sadness is gone
Spring time has finally begun

Spring is so precious, life is so full
Love and new growth all around
Birds on the wing singing new songs
My feet barely stay on the ground

What a wonderful feeling the warmth of the sun
The feel of a soft summer breeze
My spirit is uplifted, new life has begun
There’s a whisper of hope thru the trees

D. Rennich                 I.M.Forever       3-27-1993

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Gods

Life is full of little changes
When they happen, they re-arrange us
We don’t have a lot to say
That’s how it is, it’s just that way

We fool ourselves, thinking we have control
Then life takes over and away we go
This way or that way, no one can know
Tossed by the winds to and fro

Just like the dust driven by a breeze
Crushed and bruised dropped to our knees
Begging for help and a place of refuge
There is no answer, it is no use

We are but trinkets in a little game
We did not ask to come here and we’re sorry we came
Pawns on a chess board, trophies to play for
Lost in this fantasy, misery for ever more

Just when you think it is done, I am through
A toss of the dice, a beginning a new
They are eternal players
And the play thing, Is You!

D. Rennich          I.M.Forever             12-04-1992

Friday, January 13, 2012

My Best Friend

Year after year I wandered in vain
Trying to find the true me
Suddenly, dark turned to light
I was quite stunned
I could not believe what I'd seen

There in those eyes, the playground of time
Looking out as I looked in
Someone like me lost and alone
Searching through life for a friend

Someone who thinks and feels like I do
Someone whose spirit is free
Willing to run willing to fly
Willing to let me be me

Oh what a shock when I realized
That I had seen them before
Those eyes that I saw, starring
Back from the mirror
Why, they were just my eyes once more

D. Rennich   I.M.Forever  3-20-1993