Tuesday, November 22, 2011


She is always with me
Sometimes quiet, sometimes sad
She can be so very pleasant
And she can be so very bad

All my life I have spent with her
She’s there each place I go
There are times she’s full of laughter
Many times that is not so

For she seems a darker creature
Full of self and unconcern
Always thinking of the wrong things
Regardless of the truths we learn

She is cute in her own way tho
That’s her strongest trait so far
I can’t even quite control her
That is why, we are where we are

Now we’re fighting for control here
First it’s her and then it’s me
People never see this struggle
For it’s inside where none can see

But some day one will be stronger
Yet the world will never know
When the one becomes a winner
Then the other one must go

How I’ll miss these little battles
But the strangest thing might be
Not me who is the winner
But the winner might be she

D. Rennich             I.M.Forever             11-26-1992

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