Monday, November 7, 2011

A Winters Day

The first snow of winter
Like feathers from the sky
The children are delighted
As they watch them floating by

Each one a separate masterpiece
Made by a loving hand
Sparkling white, crisp and clean
As they fall upon the land

Morning goes by, the storm subsides
The children come out to play
There's angels to make and sleds to ride
On this first winters day

All bundled in coats and snow pants
With gloves and caps that match
They run and jump with their hands outstretched
For the snowflake they hope to catch

On one little hand a snowflake falls
But it quickly goes away
Back to the sky, back to the clouds
To be a snowflake, on another Winters Day



  1. I like the ending especially. Nature recycles!

  2. WTG mom I love this one almost as much as the one you gave me for christmas that year... LOVE YOU and keep this up it's good for you.