Monday, December 12, 2011

A Glorious Place Little Tree

But what a glorious place to live, little tree.
In summer and winter
You are always here with me

My days on McCloud Creek, have been natural and free
I brought a little sapling from my giant willow tree
I planted it next to a brook nearby, where I could still see
And say to it each morning, What a Glorious Place to be

The little tree grows stronger with each passing day
And soon the woodland creatures came to the tree to stay
And there, they raise their families, so natural and free
All because I planted a little willow tree

Stand tall little tree, you are truly beautiful
You have won the struggle to be here in this place
For many years to come I will marvel at your swaying
Your beauty, your strength but most of all your grace

My children’s children will know you
And scamper in your shade
All because of one small willow
And the journey that we made.

 D. Rennich                  I.M.Forever                    10-14-2007

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