Monday, March 24, 2014

In Tribute

As the sun comes up in the early dawn
The sleep, still in my eyes
Dew lays thick upon my path
I stop, in wonder and surprise

 I sit and watch from my vantage point
As all of nature plays her part
And I’m filled with love, hope and joy     Through my soul and in my heart

The trees all reaching for the sun
A few clouds slowly drifting by
Flowers all dancing in colors bright
And the grass bows gently to the sky

The river runs swiftly from rock to rock
Its waves all tumbling on the sand
A murmuring sound of Thank You for your touch
Comes from the Willows in the Meadow
where they stand

The breeze plays softly like a string quartet
And all the birds begin to sing
Imagine all of this on an early morning dawn
Is nature’s tribute to her King



D. Rennich
I.M.Forever      12-13-1994

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