Monday, March 24, 2014

A Gentle Man

I know how much you miss me
I miss you that much too
I want to share a secret
That God told me is true

 I am but a whisper
Of things that are to be
So when you feel a gentle breeze
Remember that it’s me

I cannot be a rainbow
For that is just to see
I cannot be a raindrop
For tears are not for me

God promised me a future
Of beauty, joy and peace
So when your cheek is gently kissed
It’s me and not the breeze

So keep your thoughts on heaven
And do all that you can
To guide your precious family
And be a gentle man

For strength is not in anger
But in the words of peace
It takes a strength unknown to man
To fall upon your knees

And ask your God for guidance
And for a helping hand
It is the Badge of Honor
Of a truly gentle man




D. Rennich     I.M.Forever   6-26-2006


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